Brand Echh: The Spirit #1

As we've spoken about before, the super hero fad of the mid-1960s was a juggernaut across popular culture. Reaching its peak during the frenzy surrounding the network premiere of the twice-a-week full color BATMAN television program, this hunger for all things super-heroic compelled publishers to make entries into the field of comic book publishing with … Continue reading Brand Echh: The Spirit #1

Blah Blah Blog – The Ones That Did It, Part 1

A post from my long-gone Marvel blog about the comic books that finally made me a Marvel fan. The Ones That Did It part one April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General We've had some intermittent service this past week or two as we did some work on the website. … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – The Ones That Did It, Part 1


Visiting my local 7-11, I came across this issue of INVADERS on the spinner rack, and its focus on the Human Torch was enough to get me to buy it. And this wasn’t just any Torch, this was the Torch and Toro from World War II, both of whom I already knew from Jules Feiffer’s … Continue reading BHOC: INVADERS #21


It was at around this time, during the summer of 1977, that I became aware that Captain America was going to be making a personal appearance at my local Smithhaven Mall. Every year the Mall held a collectibles fair for a week or so, and this year as a part of it, they had hired … Continue reading BHOC: CAPTAIN AMERICA AT THE SMITHHAVEN MALL


In January of 1977, I turned ten-years-old. And around that time, I would up getting my second book collection of vintage comic book stories–a book that, up until that point I didn’t even know existed. We found it in the remaindered section at Two Guys, a regional low-rent department store chain, kind of like the … Continue reading BHOC: THE GREAT COMIC BOOK HEROES