Brand Echh: John Targitt…Man-Stalker #2

Here's another example of the wasted potential of the short-lived ATLAS COMICS line of the mid-1970s and how they unsuccessfully attempted to compete with Marvel Comics head-to-head, in the worst way possible. As we've talked about before, ATLAS was founded by Martin Goodman and his son Chip following the latter's ouster from Marvel. When Martin … Continue reading Brand Echh: John Targitt…Man-Stalker #2

Brand Echh: Tiger-Man #1

It's time for another look at one of the short-lived wonders of the 1975 Atlas Comics line. For those who are unfamiliar, Atlas was a company started up by former Marvel Comics founder and owner Martin Goodman after his son Chip was ousted from Marvel in favor of promoting Stan Lee. Goodman wanted revenge, he … Continue reading Brand Echh: Tiger-Man #1

Brand Echh – The Destructor #1

Attempts to tap into the Marvel style weren't limited to only the 1960s. One of the most blatant attempts happened in the 1970s, and represented a tragedy of unfulfilled potential. In 1974, after he had sold Marvel and thereafter his son Chip had been pushed out of the company in favor of Stan Lee, Marvel … Continue reading Brand Echh – The Destructor #1