This was another comic book that I bought in a 3-Bag bundle from a department store or a toy store. The new creative team on MARVEL TEAM-UP, Chris Claremont and John Byrne, had first worked together on IRON FIST, the recently-cancelled martial arts super hero series. Before it went away, they had begun a subplot … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL TEAM-UP #63

Forgotten Masterpiece: EL SORPRENDENTE HOMBRE ARAÑA #128

This is a story that picked up a lot of chatter over the past few years, and there's a ton of misinformation out there about it--largely because the story has never been reprinted, nor published in English, so people would see fragments of it, hear part of the story behind it, and then jump to … Continue reading Forgotten Masterpiece: EL SORPRENDENTE HOMBRE ARAÑA #128

5BC: Five Times Marvel Misappropriated Characters

Most long-running comic book companies, if they're in business for long enough and have a wide enough diversity of creators working on their releases, reach a point at which those creators begin to pull inspiration for their stories and characters from other media. Comics in general have a long history of reflecting the trends of … Continue reading 5BC: Five Times Marvel Misappropriated Characters


This was another book that I dug up in my local drugstore's Big Bin of Somewhat-Older Comic Books, books that were reported as having been destroyed but were instead being sold off the back of the truck at five for a dollar--a great bargain for me. I was continuing to explore different avenues in the … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL PREMIERE #25


This issue of POWER MAN, my first, would have been another comic that I got from by grade school friend Don Sims, likely in a trade involving multiple books. I say that because I wasn't especially interested in Luke Cage at this point. I knew who he was, based on his appearance in FANTASTIC FOUR … Continue reading BHOC: POWER MAN #38

Great Covers – IRON FIST #8

A simple and iconic John Byrne IRON FIST cover. This piece was done during a period where most covers were cluttered with figures and drowning in copy, so the impact of just being a shot of Iron Fist doing his thing right at your face would have been heightened. I’m not in love with that … Continue reading Great Covers – IRON FIST #8