I was still maintaining my subscriptions to FLASH and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA throughout this time, although now that I could regularly get to outlets that sold comics, this was beginning to become an aggravation. because the latest issues inevitably showed up on the spinner racks before they reached my mailbox, meaning I'd have to … Continue reading BHOC: THE FLASH #257


Fifth grade had just begun when the mailman delivered my subscription copy of FLASH #256. It was in fifth grade that I met my first friend who was enthusiastic about comic books as opposed to simply occasionally reading them like most kids of that era. Don Sims was his name, and we became good friends … Continue reading BHOC THE FLASH #256


The arrival of a subscription copy was a welcome event all through my childhood, and so the appearance of FLASH #251 was no exception. This is one of the better covers of this era–doing a color knock-out on Iris helps to cement focus more clearly on the Flash and the Golden Glider, rather than Iris’s … Continue reading BHOC: FLASH #251