Picked this issue of SUPERMAN up at my trusty 7-11. It was the final chapter in a four-part epic that I remember really enjoying, though its age is showing a bit around the edges as i look back at it. The cover was a collaboration between Superman mainstay artist Curt Swan and industry powerhouse Neal … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN #314


Part three of this formative four-part story by writer Marty Pasko dropped next in the pages of SUPERMAN, and I dutifully picked it up, wanting to find out what would happen wit the mysterious plague, Amalak, Supergirl and all of the hanging business from the preceding issues. I quite enjoyed Pasko’s tenure as the regular … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN #313


I picked up this issue of WORLD’S FINEST COMICS, despite its dollar price tag, because its lead story was going to wrap up the ongoing Martian Manhunter storyline that I had been following in recent issues of ADVENTURE COMICS, and that I liked quite a bit. So this was my first encounter with the phenomenon … Continue reading BHOC: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #245


I bought this issue of SUPERMAN while visiting my grandmother’s house–the first comic book I ever knowingly laid down 35 cents for (or, more correctly, that somebody, likely my grandmother, laid down 35 cents for in my stead.) But how could i not? This was not only the second part in what would be a … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN #312


Now that is a cover. You really have to wonder what the folks in charge of some of the comic books of this era were thinking when they commissioned such a piece. It’s certainly attention-getting, but only because it’s so downright weird. I picked up this issue of ACTION COMICS having already purchased and read … Continue reading BHOC: ACTION COMICS #469


I didn’t get it when I was a kid, but then I was only nine years old when I first bought this issue of DC SUPER-STARS. But it contains perhaps the most wrong-headed and casually offensive Superman story of the Bronze Age. Somebody–a lot of somebodies–were asleep at the switch when they approved this one. … Continue reading BHOC: DC SUPER-STARS #12


I bought this issue of SUPERMAN right about the time that fourth grade began. I’d had a rocky few years in school up to this point, with a too-quick temper and a greater-than-average sensitivity. Looking back, while it was appropriate to have been in that grade from an age standpoint (and my Dad hoped that … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN #306