Crisis on Captive Earth: DC editors and creators respond

As DC's editorial hierarchy began to develop its ideas for a sequel to the monstrously popular CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, they ran into a number of false starts and blind alleys. One of those never-was attempts was called CRISIS ON CAPTIVE EARTH, and while some minor aspects of it eventually made their way into LEGENDS, … Continue reading Crisis on Captive Earth: DC editors and creators respond

Crisis on Captive Earth

As we've spoken about over the past couple of weeks, given the overwhelming success of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, even before that series had run its course, DC Editorial had been soliciting concepts for a sequel series of the same sort. The development of this project went through a lot of gyrations and reversals of … Continue reading Crisis on Captive Earth

Crisis II – Roy Thomas’ Ideas

As we saw last week, even as CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS was getting under way in 1985, DC Comics' leadership realized that they had an enormous hit on their hands. And so, even though only the first issue or two had reached the stands, Executive Editor Dick Giordano solicited ideas from both his editorial staff … Continue reading Crisis II – Roy Thomas’ Ideas