Lee & Kirby: When Challengers of the Unknown Presaged Fantastic Four

When we talk about the forces that came into play in the creation of the original Marvel super heroes, in particular the Fantastic Four and attempt to apportion credit (or blame) between the two men who worked on those early strips, one earlier feature that is inevitably invoked is Jack Kirby's series for DC, CHALLENGERS … Continue reading Lee & Kirby: When Challengers of the Unknown Presaged Fantastic Four

The First Book-Length Superman Adventure

A short while back, we covered an issue of SUPERMAN that I had purchased in 1988 as a part of my big Windfall Comics buy. That issue featured a single full-length Superman adventure rather than the usual three shorter stories that the title typically ran. (That story was broken up into three discrete chapters so … Continue reading The First Book-Length Superman Adventure


This is another comic that I got from my friend Donald Sims, with whom I would often trade books. There's no way of tracking precisely when each book that I got in trade with him came into my possession, so I'm estimating as best I can. We were in each others' orbits for two school … Continue reading BHOC: CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN #81


New DC Publisher Jenette Kahn wasn’t a big fan of the many reprint titles that DC was publishing at the point of her arrival, and on her new watch, they began to be fazed out in favor of new material. This shift in priorities first manifested itself to me in the pages of SUPER-TEAM FAMILY. … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER-TEAM FAMILY #8


BRAVE AND THE BOLD wasn’t really my book of choice, so I’m guessing that it was the 100-Page format that made the difference in this case. Either way, this got picked up at the 7-11 (by this point, the little post-Church candy store had stopped stocking comics–I had gotten in right at the very end.) … Continue reading BHOC: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #115