This is another comic book that was bought for my brother Ken, an event that was happening with greater and greater frequency.  It was an interesting experiment, doing a book like THE JOKER, especially under the constraints of the Comics Code. Given that, it’s not hard to see why it failed–the very premise of the … Continue reading BHOC: THE JOKER #9


The first SECRET ORIGINS OF SUPER-VILLAINS treasury edition must have done some business, because before you knew it, this follow-up was on the stands and in my hands. The cover, while very nicely executed, is a little bit confusing, as of the three villains placed most prominently on the piece, two of them (Bizarro and Captain … Continue reading BHOC: LIMITED COLLECTORS’ EDITION #C-45


My Dad brought this one home for me one night. He could always be counted on to pick up a new Treasury Edition if he happened to spot one during his frequent cigarette runs. I wasn’t the hugest Batman fan in the world, but just look at that cover–it is absolutely iconic. I can’t be … Continue reading BHOC: FAMOUS 1st EDITION #F-5

Great Covers – CATWOMAN #53

Adam Hughes has done a great deal of excellent covers over the years, including a run on CATWOMAN from which this entry comes. Pushing the background to blue allows the central figure to pop nicely, and the combination of the tentative step out into nothing and the expression on her face very subtly but very … Continue reading Great Covers – CATWOMAN #53