Brand Echh: Son of Vulcan #50

As we've spoken about in the past, Charlton Comics never really had a motivated interest in getting into the super hero field. They were quite happy most of the time to produce their line of largely-interchangeable war, romance, mystery, hot rod and western comics. But every once in a while, somebody at the organization would … Continue reading Brand Echh: Son of Vulcan #50


It's been well covered over the years that in 1964, with sales flagging thanks to editor Jack Schiff clinging to an outdated approach to the character as the Silver Age blossomed, the reins of the Caped Crusader's two titles were handed over to editor Julie Schwartz, in the hopes that Schwartz, who'd had a lot … Continue reading WC: DETECTIVE COMICS #329


The AMAZING HEROES PREVIEW SPECIAL issue was clearly the most popular release of the magazine every year. And in fact, it was so popular and so labor-intensive that it was spun off into its own series after this point. But before that happened, we got this second Preview issue within the body of the run. … Continue reading AMAZING HEROES #62 1985 PREVIEW SPECIAL, A-C


Now this was a cover that captured my attention immediately. Ever since, years before, I had first read FLASH #225 featuring Professor Zoom, the Reverse Flash I had been fascinated by evil twins, dark doppelganger versions of the main hero. And I wasn't the only one apparently, as this particular ersatz Thor would turn … Continue reading BHOC: THOR #276

ACTION COMICS #80 – U.S. Navy Edition

Now here is an interesting oddity that we'll talk about a little bit. During World War II, starting in late 1944 and running into 1945, DC/National Comics signed a deal with the United States Navy to provide them with Special Editions of a number of upcoming publications, to be used in the training of sailors … Continue reading ACTION COMICS #80 – U.S. Navy Edition


I picked up another issue of MARVEL TALES on my latest weekly jaunt to the local 7-11, the ongoing reprint series re-presenting stories from earlier issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. This one, though, was a double reprint. You see, in order to pick up some time on the schedule, new ASM writer Gerry Conway had decided … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL TALES #96


Now this was a bit of a seminal issue in DC Comics history, though you really couldn't tell so by looking at this cover. But it represents one of the very few times that a super hero legitimately was killed off during the Silver Age of Comics. And even though that character would be revived … Continue reading WC: ADVENTURE COMICS #304


After the success of the two-volume X-MEN COMPANION project proved it to be a profitable venture that helped to underwrite some of Fantagraphics other more high-minded publications, the company looked around for similar things that could be done that might likewise bring in some operating capital. By this point, the earlier amicable relationship with Marvel … Continue reading FOCUS ON JOHN BYRNE


I still had a real liking for INVADERS and these all-new tales of Marvel's earliest super hero characters set back during the era in which they were initially conceived, World War II. But around this time, my enthusiasm for the series began to wane a little bit, for reasons I wouldn't have been able to … Continue reading BHOC: INVADERS #33