Perez: Accent on the First E, Part 2

Here’s the second part of the PEREZ: ACCENT ON THE FIRST E portfolio fanzine, published in 1977 by Omnibus Publishing. This was one of the first places where George’s artwork was hailed within the fan press, a reflection of his growing popularity. While the opening portion of the volume was largely dedicated to a long informational piece about George put together by Ralph Macchio, the back of it was dedicated almost entirely to full-page images by George of an array of subjects, some of which were produced for this volume. The inking is pretty crude on all of them, which seems to indicate that George inked them all himself for this volume. He became more accomplished with time and practice.

At the time when this portfolio was released, all of George’s work could be summed up on a single page.

There is still more early George Perez goodness to come.

3 thoughts on “Perez: Accent on the First E, Part 2

  1. I enjoyed both the Man Wolf and Logan’s Run runs. Perez was a favorite from the first time I saw his art!


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