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A post from my Marvel blog of the late 00s sharing an actual letter with an odd suggestion that I had received from a fan.

From the Mailbag

February 20, 2009 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

Received in the fan mail today, and offered without comment or attribution, here’s this week’s wacky fan suggestion:

Sent: Friday, February 20, 2009 2:19 PM
Subject: Give yourself to Marvel.


Just wanted to throw you an ideal that could make Marvel some more money on the side. This idea might sound a little gross but it’s an idea I’m dead (pun intended) serious about. How about charging fellow Marvel Zombies to be part of a Marvel comics by pre-paying for a spot in the rotation by adding their cremated remains to the ink in your comic books. I read a recent issue of Back Issue & one of their interviews mentions how mighty Marvel added a big scoop of the late, great Mark Gruenwald remains in the ink at his request. As a Marvel zombie for the last 27 years & one of many supporting the empire that’s Marvel, that I could be allowed to be a part of something that’s been one of the few constants in my life. I’m sure many Marvel-ites would follow my lead. Since your core audience is at the age where they should be considering writing wills & what to do when their time comes. The powers that be should consider this option. With the higher costs, lower readerships, the economy (yadda-yadda) & need to diversify. It could be a great way to get some extra cash to keep the cash-strapped comic industry (according to comic magazines, internet & comic insiders) afloat a while longer after my ilk & I are dead & gone. What do you say? Marvel should implement this ideal & lead the way for the rest of your competition like they’ve been doing for the last few decades. Make Mine Marvel. Dead or alive.

More later.

Tom B

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