Perez: Accent on the First E

Given what he’s going through and how much in the public eye he’s been these past few months as a result, this seems like a good moment to revisit this early Fanzine/Portfolio dedicated to the work of George Perez. It was published in 1977 by Omnibus, and was the first real call-out as to George’s growing popularity throughout fandom. These were still early days for George–it hasn’t been all that long ago that he broke into the business, first as Rich Buckler’s assistant and then penciling back-up stories and short features, whatever he could get. He was enthusiastic but raw, and his work was relatively shaky here in comparison to what it would eventually grow into. But even then, his attention to details and dramatics made him an artist to keep an eye on.

The Portfolio/Fanzine was largely just a collection of new illustrations that George had done of a variety of characters and subjects–not all of them directly comic book related. It did include a biographic piece written by George’s friend Ralph Macchio, who was himself a newcomer to Marvel as an Assistant Editor when he took on this assignment. It isn’t quite an interview per se, but it does contain extensive quotes from George that gives a sense as to where his mind was at that moment in his career. (George was only 23 years old when this fanzine was released.)

You can see a hint of George’s future version of Nightwing in that Factors Unknown piece.

We’ll look at more of PEREZ at a future date.

One thought on “Perez: Accent on the First E

  1. I remember some National Lampoon work too. Anyone else recall it? My brain’s only retained bits and bobs.


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