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A post from my former Marvel blog concerning the time I made an appearance as a judge on Food Network Challenge.

Secret Mission

January 27, 2009 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

As those who’ve been following me on Twitter know, I spent the last few days away from New York on a “secret mission.” Here’s what it was all about.

A short time ago, Marvel got a call from High Noon Entertainment, the producers of a number of cable television shows, including Food Network Challenge. In their current cycle of shows, in which a fleet of top pastry designers will compete in an elimination tournament to will a large cash prize, one of the events they envisioned was what they termed “Extreme Super Hero Cakes.” The competitors would all have eight hours to construct and craft cakes that showcased an original super hero character and told his or her story.

As a component of the series, for each challenge they enlist the aid of a special expert judge, in addition to their two regular judges Kerry and Patrick. In this instance, they were looking to rope in somebody from Marvel. And since Joe Q was busy elsewhere, I became that somebody.

So this Saturday, I made the five hour flight to Colorado and spent fourteen or fifteen hours over the course of two days filming an episode. It was a strange and somewhat surreal experience. The simplest statement that I can give you which sums up the experience more than any other it this: these people take their cakes seriously!

The completed episode won’t air until some time around April, I’m told, so I can’t actually divulge anything specific about what went on, what twists and turns were thrown at the competitors, or (of course) who won. But I do have something else that’s pretty cool that I can share with you. At one point, I was chatting with Keegan Gerhard, the host of the show. He’s a big car buff, and he was lamenting the moment in the IRON MAN film where Tony crashes down into his garage, destroying one of his sports cars (Keegan knew everything about this particular make and model of vehicle, but, sad to say, I’ve since forgotten it all.) Well, from there he went on to tell me about an event he attended in New York recently—it’s a runway fashion show in which all of the garments are created from chocolate. And this year, one of the competitors had done a full-scale suit of Iron Man armor. Keegan had snapped a photo of the piece, and if all goes as planned, it should be over to the left.

So it was a long but interesting three days, and you’ll be able to see the cliff notes version when the episode airs in a few short months. And I’ll hopefully be able to finish up the couple of half-formed posts I began last week (including a much-needed Trading Update) and we’ll be back to business as usual—at least until the New York Comic Con louses everything up next week.

More later.

Tom B

The photo of the Iron Man armor crafted entirely out of chocolate that Keegan passed to me–the most delicious armor ever!

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