The Monster Times #13

The MONSTER TIMES was a biweekly newspaper devoted to horror, science fiction and fantasy that began publication in 1972 and ran until 1976. In those days before the Internet, publications such as this one were the only way that fans nationwide could get inside information about the things they loved. The thirteenth issue featured an extensive look at Marvel Comics. The issue saw print on July 13, 1972, right at the point where Stan lee was graduating from his editor’s chair to become the publisher of the firm, with Roy Thomas replacing him as editor. This was when Lee gave up on directly writing comic books himself, and so this issue contains an interview with John Romita and Gerry Conway, who were succeeding him on the series. John and Gerry hadn’t quite bumped off Gwen Stacy just yet, but they were about to when this piece was done. There’s also an overview of the comic book convention scene in 1972, long before it evolved into the major pop culture phenomenon that it is today.

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