Blah Blah Blog – Secret Invasion: The Infiltration

A post from my blog of a decade-plus ago. This one requires some explanation, as it really doesn’t work without the photo, which I no longer have. At a DC Halloween party the year editor Steve Wacker left for Marvel, another staffer dressed up as him. I incorporated a photo of this event into the ongoing narrative of me trying to claim an office in the DC building.

Secret Invasion: The Infiltration

August 20, 2008 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

Continuing the saga of our struggle over the DC office once occupied by Jeanine Schaefer, today we ferreted out an enemy agent who was attempting to penetrate the security of our offices in the guise of Stephen Wacker.

While the impostor was able to duplicate Wacker’s glassy stare and vacant look, his impersonation was undone when he casually mentioned that he had enjoyed “One More Day.” As no thinking individual would ever make that stupid statement—hey, childhoods were destroyed and history torn asunder!– we immediately realized that he was a fraud. At first, we thought he must be a pod-person, but in the end unmasked him as a DC employee.

As you can see, we sent him back to his DC masters in disgrace. Duke Marts, on the left, appears pleased, but don’t be fooled—inside, he’s quaking in fear!

Clearly, the enemy has been intimidated; they realize that the contested lands will soon be a part of our ever-growing domain. They’ll need to work much harder to shake our resolve!

More later.

Tom B

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