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A post from my Marvel blog of many years ago, this one outlining my efforts to locate the worst Marvel comic ever produced. Once again, I’ve posted these entries backwards over the past couple of days.

Blogged Out

August 26, 2008 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

Feeling a bit Blogged Out these days. Coming up with worthwhile stuff to write about that I haven’t already covered a million times is getting more challenging, and the few topics that spring to mind just don’t seem much worth the energy. So let’s do two things.

First off, I want to start up what will hopefully be an interesting exercise. I want to locate, by common consensus, the Worst Marvel Comics Ever Printed. How will we do this? Simple. I’m going to start the ball rolling with a selection, the first book Jeanine Schaefer came up with when I asked her this question: X-MEN BLACK SUN. Now, this is a bad comic, to be sure, but is it really the worst ever? I don’t think so. That’s where you all come in. Your job is to suggest a comic book worse than X-MEN: BLACK SUN. (I’d prefer to select individual issues rather than whole runs, but not much about BLACK SUN really stuck to my ribs, so I can’t tell you that one issue was worse than the rest.) And every day for the next week or so, we’ll select the worst suggestion, until we can’t dig any lower.

As with our previous events, anybody can veto any selection for any reason—as I’m sure that somebody will do for BLACK SUN. And once we’re done, we’ll have hopefully distilled down to the worst awfulness ever put to paper.

Secondly, I’m going to open the floor up to reader questions again, so if there’s something you’ve been dying to ask, now’s your chance. And again, anybody can veto any question for any reason.

Okay, folks, don’t let me down—bring me some stinky comics!

More later.

Tom B

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