The Comic Book Guide For The Artist-Writer-Letterer 3

Here we are with the third and final segment of this behind-the-scenes instructional booklet about making comic books produced by Charlton and sold by direct mail order only (though it was also offered as a subscription premium.)

These descriptions of the various types of comic book stories are a bit funny in just how far they reduce the essentials of each of these genres down to a handful of buzz words. None of it is wrong per se, but this fails to take into account what might make a particular story or series in any of these areas memorable or stand out. As Charlton was interested primarily in producing almost cookie-cutter publications in order to keep their printing presses rolling, this perspective is a bit understandable–they weren’t looking for the work to be great, they were looking for widgets most often.

This would be the revised Comics Code guidelines that went into effect at teh start of the 1970s, having been somewhat overhauled from teh more restrictive strictures that were put in place in the 1950s. The Code would be revised at least two more times before it was eventually discarded entirely.

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