Lee & Kirby: Interview: Stan Lee

One of the hazards of just grabbing copies of stuff as they come along: I have no idea where teh interview below originally saw print. It was in a fanzine, and done circa 1968, but the specifics are lost on me. So if you happen to recognize this piece and know its derivation, please let me know, and I’ll update accordingly. This interview with Stan Lee is interesting in that it was conducted in 1968 and shows Lee speaking candidly about a number of other creators in the field. It also gives a sense as to what his point of view was as Marvel neared the end of the Silver Age, and while most of the Founding Fathers of Marvel (with the notable exception of Steve Ditko) were still working for the firm.

ADDITION: According to Sean Kleefeld in the comments, it’s from Ron Liberman’s fanzine, The Marvel Tribune. Possibly issue #9.

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