Comics in the Wild 4

Here is yet another assortment of vintage comic books being sold or consumed in old photos collected from across the Internet.

This looks like some enthusiastic fans until you realize that they’ve gathered up these “horrible comic books” to burn them.
In this dressing room comic books are the thing.
That’s MASTER COMICS #36 that this father is reading to his two children.

There’s plenty more where these came from for future installments.

4 thoughts on “Comics in the Wild 4

  1. The one pic actually seems to be from a United Artists movie and that’s Mercury Theater player (and future voice of the cartoon Dick Tracy) Everett Sloane looking over the guy’s shoulder at the Superman issue guest-starring Sloane’s old boss, Orson Welles! (Note also STAR TREK’S DeForest Kelly in the background).


  2. I always love these “comics in the wild” posts. My own childhood memories of browsing for new comics involved those old metal spinner racks at the local drugstore. I still remember how exciting it was on new comic day to slowly turn one of those racks to see what exciting new issue might be revealed on the other side!


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