TBTV: The Five Best Marvel & DC Crossovers

Tried a new experiment where I turned one of the features in this page’s 5BC section into a down and dirty full-on video, expanded a bit for the occasion. I’m interested in seeing if I can expand the reach of this page in this manner, so my intention is to do more as I have the time. I’ll no doubt get better at it as I go as well.

3 thoughts on “TBTV: The Five Best Marvel & DC Crossovers

  1. Nice! What a great set!

    Whenever the prospect of a new crossover comes up, I ask myself what kind of story is even left to be told that wouldn’t be a rehash of what has been done before (or) what story couldn’t each company do on their own with their own stable of characters?

    For me, that would be to unite Kirby’s 70’s era characters into a single space and time-spanning sprawling epic: New Gods, Eternals, Machine Man, Kamandi, OMAC,Devil Dinosaur, and the Demon. While the companies have succeeded to varying degrees in meshing these properties within their respective universes; at the time of their creations, they both felt out-of-step with the sensibility of the Big 2 and more of-a-piece with each other and I love the idea that Jack’s original characters from this era would finally co-exist with their long-lost siblings.

    And while I’m dreaming, I’d love to see what the epic imagination of Jonathan Hickman would do with the scope, rendered with a Kirbyesque line of Steve Rude.

    But since that’s never going to happen, I’ll have to be satisfied with The Hunger by Byrne.


  2. I should try to find Byrne’s Galactus/New Gods story. I was just so turned off by his style by that point, I passed on it then. But the panels showing Orion and the Silver Surfer, and then the Surfer with the Black Racer have me curious.

    I have to disagree that JR, Jr. was @ “his peak” on Batman/Punisher. I’ve been a JR, Jr. fan since his earlt 1980’s X-Men work, inked by both Bob Wiacek and Dan Green, and definitely his Daredevil issues with the great Al Williamson (THAT may have been JR, Jr.’s “peak” This job was a victim of his notorious “deadline style”, where fans are stuck with whatever he ends up with in time to stay on schedule.

    Batman’s anatomy is skewered, his torso too exaggerated. His “bat-ears” look like they came off a pitchfork. Same for the strips from his gloves. The chest emblem seems to have a different # of scalloped “points” on its bottom, each time he draws it. His Batman looks almost like he didn’t give a sh*t. His waay too-large Joker does, for sure. Maybe Arkham installed a weight room during his last visit.


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