Great Covers: GREEN LANTERN #61

This is a pretty stunning GREEN LANTERN cover by series regular Gil Kane. More than anything, it’s the posterlike coloring that really makes it pop–those striking blues and magentas. The sketch for this cover was almost certainly done by Carmine Infantino, who had been brought on as DC’s cover designer in an attempt to make their books look more contemporary and exciting, especially given the threat posed by newcomer Marvel Comics. But that ground line tilt, the sad hero in the spotlight and the distant cityscape all point to Carmine’s hand in the conception of this piece. The one thing that doesn’t really work all that well is the logo color, as the green letters against the primary blue background really don’t pop well. I can understand the feeling that you want the words GREEN LANTERN to be green–it’s right there in the name, after all. But in this instance, I think a white or a yellow logo probably would have worked better. It’s worth pointing to the lettering here as well, done by Gaspar Saladino, who was so good at titles and display lettering that he was often brought in across several companies to letter only the title pages of particular stories. The copy itself is strong and adds urgency to this moment, and the size and manner in which Gaspar presents it is nice as well.

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