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An entry from my Marvel blog of long ago concerning a sketch cover I did for the HERO Initiative.

The White Page

April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

So not that long ago, Jim McLaughlin of the HERO INITIATIVE, the very fine charitable organization dedicated to offering a helping hand to members of our industry that’ve fallen on hard times, tells me that last year’s auction of 100 copies of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #100 with cover-images hand-drawn by artists from throughout the business was so successful that he was planning on doing the same thing again, this time with copies of HULK #1.

And having seen my drawing for the Three-Minute Sketchbook (which fetched at least $25.00 at auction–that’s what it the bidding was up to the last time I’d had an opportunity to check on it), he wanted to ask if I’d be interesting in doing one.

Foolishly short-sighted, I said sure. Because at that point, you’re thinking that the day is so far off that it’s never gonna come.

The package with the book showed up today.

So now I’ve got a blank white page to face. With my not-that-great-to-start-with skills incredibly rusty.

And to make matters worse, the first real artist who’s working on this project for Jim turned his piece around lickity-split, and Jim forwarded it around to the rest of the group. And it’s a full-color wraparound with a dozen characters on it. So, you know, the bar has been set really low…

As you can see at the upper left, I’ve been doodling around with it in spare seconds. But I’m not ready to tackle the real thing just yet. Especially since I only get one shot at it–if I louse up, well, all that happens is that I look like a chump and the charity takes in a little less money.

There is nothing quite so unsettling as that blank white page staring up at you.

More later.

Tom B

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