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This was another behind-the-scenes post on the making of the HOUSE OF M Event series.

The House of Memo

April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

I’m told that Tuesday’s blog entries, containing the background material on HOUSE OF M, set a site record as the most-viewed blog entry so far, since we started doing this. So that’s a pretty good indicator of what you people want to see in general.

So that being the case, I thought I’d continue with that theme a little bit more today, and post one or two more items from that crossover, to give you a handle on how we deal with the massive amounts of coordination involved.

This next bit is the “House of Memo”, an active living document that I updated every time a new HOUSE OF M-related script came in with all of the pertinent information that we’d disclosed about the new “World of M” reality. This was kept up on a Marvel server where other editorial offices could access it if they had questions, or they could simply get it from me. This document changed and grew as more and more people contributed the bits and pieces they needed for their stories–this doesn’t appear to be the final version of the document, but one of the drafts while the crossover was “in progress”.



–The House of M is comprised of Magneto, Lorna Dane, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. The power of Professor X was used to facilitate the change in the universe.

–Peter Parker is married to Gwen Stacy, and they have at least one baby child, Ben. Peter attended Empire State University. He’s gained widespread fame and popularity as the costumed wrestler and performer Spider-Man. His identity is publicly known, but nobody realizes that he isn’t a true mutant.

–Steve Rogers is an 89-year-old man living in the Bronx. At some point in the past he served in the USAF, and still receives pension checks.

–Scott Summers is married to Emma Frost. They live in Hartford, Connecticut. They both still possess their mutant powers. She counsels disturbed children.

–Mary Jane Watson is a famous movie star, having headlined in such films as “Funny Valentine” despite the fact that she’s a normal human.

–The robotic Sentinels patrol the skies, keeping the normal human population in line.

–Reed and Sue Richards were astronauts who died in some unspecified accident. Emma Frost is counseling their mutant child, Franklin.

–Alison Blaire, the Dazzler, has an Oprah-like talk show called “Alison”

–Simon Williams is the star of the television series “Me and Mine” on NBC. He doesn’t wear glasses to hide his cracking energy-eyes. He’s possibly involved with Carol Danvers.

–Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel, the pre-eminent super hero on the planet, despite not being a natural mutant.

–Lucas Bishop is a police officer in New York City.

–Remy LeBeau is a criminal.

–The Magnus Tribute Memorial is in Central Park, Manhattan, commemorating Magneto’s victory over the Sentinels and normal humanity.

–Kitty Pryde teaches sixth grade at the Clinton Elementary School in Cincinnati.

–Namor the Sub-Mariner is widely considered to be the world’s first true mutant. Some believe, however, that Jesus and Moses were mutants. Namor was active during World Ward Two. He remains the ruler of Atlantis. He allies himself with Ororo and the Panther against Magneto’s aggressions.

–Hell’s Kitchen in New York City is widely known as Sapien Town, where the worst elements of normal humanity congregate. Luke Cage is the underworld overlord of Sapien Town. Danny Rand and Misty Knight work for him. He operates out of Josie’s bar. Other associates of Luke’s include Moon Knight, the White Tiger, the Sons of the Tiger, and the Black Cat. They form the nucleus of the Human Resistance Movement. Cloak (of Cloak & Dagger) is also a part of this movement. Hawkeye is also part of this movement.

— Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, was beaten and put into a coma, presumably by Luke Cage.

–Sam Wilson is a New York police detective in the Hell’s Kitchen precinct.

–Doctor Strange is a psychologist in Queens. Among his patients is Robert Reynolds. Reynolds is being counseled for visions he’s been having in which a large black void swallows up the world around him.

–Peter Rasputin is a farmer in Russia.

–Tony Stark runs Stark Industries out of Chicago. He is the most successful Sapien in the business world, considered the “Industrial iron man” for being able to succeed in business as a normal human being. His headquarters is the Stark Tower in Manhattan. Among those employed by Stark are Henry McCoy and Hank Pym. Among the advanced projects S.I. is working on is a synthetic humanoid called the Vision. Pym is pursuing unauthorized experiments to isolate the mutant gene. Forge is also in the employ of Tony Stark.

–Janet Van Dyne owns and operates her own popular fashion design firm in Paris, France.

–Ororo Munroe is African mutant royalty. She has a romantic relationship with T’Challa, the Black Panther, but its not a committed relationship, nor is it official. All of South Africa is under Ororo’s rule, with the exception of Wakanda, which is a free state under T’Challa. Ororo’s outspoken views make her a political opponent of Magneto’s.

–Logan works for SHIELD, and is the star member of Shaw’s Red Guard unit. He’s involved with Mystique, who is also a SHIELD operative. Logan’s greatest secret is that he remembers the way the world used to be, before Wanda changed it.

–Other SHIELD operatives include Jessica Drew , the Toad, Nightcrawler and Rogue. Madame Web is part of SHIELD’s Psi-Division.

–The Pulse section of the Daily Bugle reports on noteworthy goings on in the world of celebrity mutants

–Genis-Vell and Sir Brian Braddock are among the world leaders and heads of state.

–Dr. Otto Octavius is a stanch opponent of research on mutant embryos. He’s employed by the president’s Council on Nu-Boethics in a research project to create a synthetic equivalent to homo-superior embryonic stem cells to aid in human medical treatment

–Jason Wyngarde is a businessman who failed to outperform Tony Stark in the financial world.

–Warren Worthington III in involved in a sex scandal that threatens to bring ruin to his family’s name. He is also an agent of Apocalypse.

–The Hellfire Club has closed its doors for the first time since 1760.

–The Dragon group is a Sapien crime gang in Hell’s Kitchen, led by Angela Del Toro

–Wolfpack is a Sapien crime gang run by Raphael Vega

–Lord Kevin Plunder has received asylum in the United States after fleeing Pangaea, where he had been serving a prison sentence for speaking out against the established government.

–The location of the Xavier Academy in the real Marvel U, 1407 Graymalkin Lane, salem Center, is instead a mansion owned by a normal family.

–Castle Doom is a roadhouse mutant bar in the New York area

–Hawkeye is still alive, and a member of Luke Cage’s human underground.

–Genosha is the mutant capital of the world, and the location of Magneto’s castle, the House of M.

–Wanda Maximoff is not a mutant in the world of M, but was born a normal human. Nevertheless, Magneto raised.

–Magneto has a grandson, Tyler, who is a mutant.

–Layla Miller is another mutant girl from Hell’s Kitchen who remembers the way the world used to be. She has sought out Luke Cage’s band.

–Quicksilver has an unrequited attraction towards Ororo.

–T’Challa is the ruler of Wakanda, the one state in Africa free of mutant rule. T’Challa is something of a playboy, seeing Shanna the She-Devil and Misty Knight in turn, as well as Ororo

–Sunfire is the monarch of Japan. He allies himself with Ororo and the Panther against Magneto’s aggressions.

–Doctor Doom is the monarch of Latveria. His face is unscarred, and he’s incredibly handsome. He spurns an alliance with Ororo and T’Challa

–Apocalypse is head of an empire in North Africa based around Egypt. Iceman and Angel are among his Horsemen

–Black Bolt is the ruler of the Inhumans. . He allies himself with Ororo and the Panther against Magneto’s aggressions.

–Deadpool, Siryn and Cannonball do not have House of M counterparts, as they were in transit between universes when Wanda did her thing.

More later.

Tom B

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