The Last Toro Story

And here we finish up our sequence on the final appearances of the mainstay Timely super-heroes with the final appearance of the Human Torch’s kid buddy, Toro. As opposed to Bucky, who at least got shot honorably while fighting the good fight, Toro simply stopped showing up one day–his position as the Torch’s right arm taken up by the non-powered but more fetching Sun Girl. This issue of MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS represents his final appearance in the Golden Age. Looking at the cover, you can see the influence that Crime Comics were having on the field–the Torch is well enough hidden that a casual purchaser might not realize that this was a super hero book at all.

The Grand Comics Database doesn’t have any writer’s credit listed, but it does credit the penciling of this story of Mike Sekowsky (though not the inking.)

“She’s making paper planes! We’ll kill her for that!”

It’s worth pointing out, I think, that this story had almost nothing to do with the situation presented by the cover–a clear case of a bait-and-switch.

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