The Last Toro Story

And here we finish up our sequence on the final appearances of the mainstay Timely super-heroes with the final appearance of the Human Torch's kid buddy, Toro. As opposed to Bucky, who at least got shot honorably while fighting the good fight, Toro simply stopped showing up one day--his position as the Torch's right arm … Continue reading The Last Toro Story


Back at the drug store, the big bin of somewhat-older comics continued to yield treasures. To my surprise, I came up with this issue of FANTASTIC FOUR, the oldest one I would find there--a good six months older than the previous earliest issue I had, and two years old in general. That doesn't seem like … Continue reading BHOC: FANTASTIC FOUR #164


So, when I bought the previous issue of INVADERS from my local 7-11, it must have been on sale for some time, because before you knew it, the next issue showed up, sooner than the next issue of FANTASTIC FOUR. And again I bought it, at that same 7-11. It was clearly going to have … Continue reading BHOC: INVADERS #22