Tokusatsu GaGaGa

I've run across another show that has captured my attention. It's TOKUSATSU GA GA GA, a Japanese drama airing currently. Based on the manga of the same title by Niwa Tanba, GAGAGA tells the story of Kano Nakamura, a 24-year-old "office lady" with a secret: she's a fanatical devotee of the live action super hero … Continue reading Tokusatsu GaGaGa


Ever since I had become interested in the Fantastic Four, I had a burning desire to read the first issue of that series. from having haunted the Humor section in my local bookstores over the years (which is where anything even vaguely related to comics wound up being shelved), I knew that this first story … Continue reading BHOC: SON OF ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS

Lee & Kirby: FANTASTIC FOUR #2

Continuing on in our analysis of the construction of the first three issues of FANTASTIC FOUR, our attention now turns to issue #2. But first, a bit of a statement of purpose. Somebody over the course of the last week asked me why I was writing these pieces, what the point I was trying to … Continue reading Lee & Kirby: FANTASTIC FOUR #2

In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure – Episode 31

EPISODE 31 "Wildstar, I have just one word: return! You are in serious violation of the rules! Return!" -- Captain Gideon Monday meant the start of another week of broadcast for STAR BLAZERS, and events continued to heat up from the past week. Having mutinied against the authority of the Earth Defense Council and made … Continue reading In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure – Episode 31


On Saturday mornings, SUPER FRIENDS had started producing new episodes for the first time in several years. The original 1973 run had produced 16 hour-long episodes, and were an outgrowth of a pilot program developed, in all places, in episodes of the BRADY KIDS animated series. After new more stringent legislation had been passed ostensibly … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER FRIENDS #9


I'm not 100% certain after all this time where I found this issue of FANTASTIC FOUR. I have a gut feeling that it was in a department store or toy store in the Smithhaven Mall, which my family frequented often. Possibly it was a remnant of one of those 3-Bags of comics that were once … Continue reading BHOC: FANTASTIC FOUR #173

Lee & Kirby: FANTASTIC FOUR #1, Part Two

Seems as though people were pretty interested in the first installment of this particular topic: in the short time that this page has been operating, nothing has drawn anything close to the number of views that piece has. Which is great! What's also great is the amount of discussion that the initial installment generated, as … Continue reading Lee & Kirby: FANTASTIC FOUR #1, Part Two

In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure – Episode 30

EPISODE 30 "The Star Force is kind of special. They're people willing to give up a lot. The world would not be as it is today if it were not for the Star Force. People don't always get a chance to do something that matters in this world, so when the time comes for someone … Continue reading In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure – Episode 30


Here's another issue of SGT ROCK that was purchased for my younger brother Ken during the year or so when he was vaguely interested in war comics. It eventually ended up in my possession, as did most of the comics he had. That's a really nice Joe Kubert cover, with some thoughtful coloring making a … Continue reading BHOC: SGT ROCK #311