The siren call of a 100-Page Spectacular was always overwhelming to me. So here’s yet another one, bought at my regular 7-11. Unfortunately, I found it a bit lacking–the vintage Batman stories that were most often getting reprinted didn’t always appeal to me. The all-new lead story is something of a throwback, a tale in … Continue reading BHOC: BATMAN #258


Another delight-filled 100-Page Spectacular, this one revolving around the Marvel Family. I’m guessing that it was the package more than anything that made me pick this up, as I wasn’t a huge SHAZAM fan. Then again, like the earlier Treasury Edition, this book was filled with classic Captain Marvel reprints from the Golden Age, A.K.A. … Continue reading BHOC: SHAZAM #14


Another month, another issue of ACTION COMICS. This was still during the days in which many or even most comics, DC ones in particular, weren’t released monthly. My beloved FLASH was bimonthly, and just about to increase to 8 times a year. JUSTICE LEAGUE, likewise, was bimonthly. Even SUPERMAN was only 8 times a month. … Continue reading BHOC: ACTION COMICS #438


Not a whole lot of memories of this one at all. A 7-11 purchase I’d guess, and another 100-Page Spectacular, a format I liked. But really, very little of it has stayed with me, apart from the fact that I owned it.  The lead story is a really beautifully drawn clash between Superman and one … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN #278


My Dad brought this comic home with him after a late night out, so it was discovered by me and my brother early the next morning. My Mom later said that they chuckled as they heard me tell my brother, “Let’s look around, maybe there’s one for each of us!” The third of DC’s Famous 1st … Continue reading BHOC: LIMITED COLLECTORS’ EDITION #C-30