Great Covers – FANTASTIC FOUR #110

Here’s something of a rarity: this John Buscema FANTASTIC FOUR cover was printed with its magenta and cyan plates reverse, resulting in a wildly strange color scheme. Since all of the colors in the image were composed of percentages of magenta, cyan, yellow and black, the result of this change is a bit of a … Continue reading Great Covers – FANTASTIC FOUR #110

Great Covers – AVENGERS #22

A striking George Perez AVENGERS cover that I edited. The thing that makes it the most striking, however, is the limited color palate of red, which was the idea of fellow editor Ruben Diaz. It was a great thought, focusing the eye on the triumphant Ultron and setting a mood of intensity. I also liked … Continue reading Great Covers – AVENGERS #22

Olshevsky Marvel Indexes

The source of a great deal of my vintage Marvel knowledge comes from the George Olshevsky Marvel Comics Indexes which were produced in the late 1970s and early 1980s. These pre-dated the later Official Marvel Handbooks, and the Marvel-produced indexes, and were really the only source of comprehensive information about a given title in those … Continue reading Olshevsky Marvel Indexes