Over time, we’re almost certainly going to be seeing a lot of Alex Schomburg on this site. Schomburg was the pre-eminent cover artist for Timely/Marvel in the 1940s, and also provided covers to several other outfits. His pieces, like this one, were routinely jam-packed with visual information, intricate dances of controlled chaos and energy. Almost the antithesis to the clean, elegant aesthetic of the earliest super hero comic book covers.

Look here at just how gleeful Captain America and Bucky are to be blowing the shit out of a horde of Nazi soldiers. Not bothering with a plane, Cap is dropping bombs by hand! Not to be outdone, Bucky is packing a flame-thrower, which he uses with glee. Covers like this one were clear war effort propaganda, but they’ve got such energy and animation to them–to say nothing of imagination–that they transcend their origins to become little works of art all by themselves.

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