November, 1961

I saw this book at a New York show in the early months of 1991. I’d already spent all of the cash I’d put aside for the weekend when I spied it on a dealer’s wall across the way. It had a post-it on it identifying it as a “beaten, tattered, like-a-rag” copy. But they were only asking $99.00 for it, and I’d always wanted one. So I asked the guy to hold it for me, then braved the New York winter in search of a cash machine. Thirty minutes later, it was mine, battered and weathered though it was.

FANTASTIC FOUR #1 means something very special to those of us with a love of the Marvel of the ‘60s in our hearts–it’s more than just an old comic, it’s a milestone. It signaled, in its embryonic way, the beginning of the Marvel Age of Comics, and a new way of doing things. Everything about the industry changed as a result of this comic magazine, and the ones that followed, and it began a string of releases that formed the nucleus of this new fantasy realm which we became enamored of. There was something magical at work in the Marvel books of the ’60s that has never been equaled in any publisher’s line of titles since. And I speak as one who wasn’t even yet born when this issue hit the stands, and who read all of these great stories after the fact

2014 Note: Not my copy pictured.

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