November, 1990

COUNT DUCKULA #14 was the first professional comic book I ever wrote (or co-wrote, as was most often the case, with Mike Kanterovich.) It also represented my first regular Marvel assignment–one that only lasted until #15, when the book, based on the British animated series then running on Nickelodeon, was cancelled.

It was also my first disheartening experience with assembly-line produced comics. When writing one of these kids’ comics, the writer was expected to produce a “visual script”–one with little drawings depicting each page and panel. This wasn’t really a problem for me, since I’d been doing my own fully-rendered comics for so long. The drawings didn’t even have to be good–they simply had to get the point across to the artist.

The artist in question was Howie Post, a long-time veteran of Harvey Comics, and the creator of ANTHRO for DC, among others. I was excited as hell when the first pages came in–only to discover that Howie had decided to re-write the script as he went along. Worse, the editor, either because he didn’t want to piss Howie off, didn’t care enough about the story to be bothered, or simply liked Howie’s version better, refused to change any of it back. The story, as published, is probably as much as 50% Howie’s.

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