December, 1988

Doug Potter’s short-lived DENIZENS OF DEEP CITY was an entertaining, surrealistic romp through the urban landscape. While the series did have an ensemble cast, any given issue might focus more primarily on a single new individual, relating their mundane-yet-extraordinary experiences through a strange, hallucination-like haze. In the case of this first issue, it’s the story of Jamey Hooter, who returns to his apartment to discover that his television has been stolen. No other set he purchases will receive well in his claustrophobic apartment, and the boob-tube-addicted accountant grows ever more desperate…and then the criminals begin sending his TV back to him in pieces. Events spiral out of control from there.

I first encountered Potter’s work in his CHIPS AND VANILLA one-shot, also published by Kitchen Sink, a similarly demented tale about a boy who adopts a monstrous dog.

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