Warrior #1 – March, 1982

I bought WARRIOR #1 at Port Comics towards the end of 1981, right before my family moved away to Delaware. It would be years before I’d be able to track down the subsequent issues.

WARRIOR was a noble failure, an attempt to provide an alternative to the more kiddie-oriented fare that typically made up the British comic book scene. It was a heck of a nice package of material, featuring work by Alan Moore, Garry Leach, Steve Parkhouse, Dave Gibbons, John Bolton, David Lloyd, and Steve Dillon, among others. It was the home of the deconstructionist Marvelman, the dystopian V For Vendetta and the psychotic Laser Eraser & Pressbutton. In its own way, it was the precursor to the whole British invasion of American comics of the mid-80s, with material designed to appeal equally to both the British and American comics markets.

My reaction at the time: What a weird comic magazine!

One thought on “BHOCOS: WARRIOR #1

  1. I didn’t get this magazine itself but eventually got those stories written by Moore as reprinted by Eclipse and DC, featuring Miracle Man and V for Vendetta. Both very extraordinary works, both in writing and art.


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