February, 1974

I missed FLASH #225 on the stands, since I wasn’t able to get to a place that sold comics on my own at this point. But I got a second chance a few months later, when I found it in a Waldbaums supermarket in one of those “3 Comics For 50 Cents” bags that were once ubiquitous. I remember that the other two books in the bag were an issue of SHAZAM (probably #7) and either a HOUSE OF MYSTERY or a GHOSTS. And I also recall that I was told to share the contents of the bag with my younger brother Ken–who, because of my interest in FLASH #225, wanted it for himself. I ended up having to give him both of the other books in order to pry it away from him, and even then it took some fancy footwork.

It was worth it. FLASH #225 contained a spectacular book-length team-up between the Scarlet Speedster and Green Lantern by Cary Bates and Irv Novick, in which, in order to secure the help of Professor Zoom, the Reverse-Flash of the 25th century, in defeating a menace in the present, Green Lantern must steal for the criminal a priceless art object in his home time period–which puts Hal Jordan up against the Green Lantern of the 25th century!

2014 notes: I today own the original printer’s proof of this cover. I also own an unopened copy of the 3-Bag. It was SHAZAM #7, and the other book was PLOP #3. This issue of FLASH was the tough-to-see center book.

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