It was time for a new issue of SUPERMAN FAMILY to drop, and so I dutifully purchased this Dollar Comic from the 7-11 that week. SUPERMAN FAMILY was a bit of an inertial pick-up from me--I wasn't particularly or especially drawn to any of its myriad of strips, and yet I liked Superman and his … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN FAMILY #191


During the Silver Age of Comics, there was a prevailing wisdom that it was the cover that sold the magazine, rather than any quality within the book itself. Comics were largely an impulse purchase on the part of numerous casual young readers, so coming up with a cover image that would grab their imagination and … Continue reading WC: WORLD’S FINEST #151


Now this was a thoroughly excellent issue of SUPERMAN, one I acquired as a part of my much-discussed windfall comic book purchase of 1988, wherein I scored about 150 Silver Age vintage comic books for the sum of only $50.00. The SUPERMAN titles during this period were always wildly imaginative, even as they tended to … Continue reading WC: SUPERMAN #159

Fifteen Thoughts about Superman: the Movie

For no particular reason, I've been thinking about SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE recently. It's a film that I first saw new back in 1978 and that has been a favorite ever since. What's more, it is clearly the progenitor for all of the big-budget super hero movies' that have come after it, to one extent or … Continue reading Fifteen Thoughts about Superman: the Movie

5BC: 5 Most Unlikely and Unprecedented Crossovers

These days, the concept of a crossover between two different fictional characters has become so entrenched in popular culture that it's difficult to come across a pairing that is truly noteworthy. In a world in which everybody is exploring a Multiverse, it seems strange to think that there was a time when the idea that … Continue reading 5BC: 5 Most Unlikely and Unprecedented Crossovers

Forgotten Masterpiece: Scribbly Returns!

Sheldon Mayer is one of the most important figures in the Golden Age of Comics, though he's one that relatively few people have heard about. An obsessive cartoonist, Mayer broke into the business at a young age, in the era in which comic books were just starting out. For a time, he worked at the … Continue reading Forgotten Masterpiece: Scribbly Returns!


This issue of SUPERMAN'S PAL JIMMY OLSEN was another book that came to me as part of that Windfall Comics purchase of 1988, where I ran into a guy at my local post office who sold me a box of 150 silver age comics for fifty bucks. There were more Superman family books in that … Continue reading WC: SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN #54

Forgotten Masterpiece: ALL FUNNY COMICS #16

I only became aware of this story recently, and it has an aspect to it that may have been overlooked to some. So I'm going to feature it here. In the postwar era, the public's taste in comic books shifted away from super heroes towards other genres. Notably, humor comics became quite popular, and like … Continue reading Forgotten Masterpiece: ALL FUNNY COMICS #16