Brand Echh – Super Heroes #1

As interest in super heroes became a full-blown fad in the mid-1960s, driven in large part by the premiere of the Batman television series, just about everybody got into the act, trying to capture some portion of that marketplace for themselves. One of the more oddball entries was the Fab 4, who were the headliners … Continue reading Brand Echh – Super Heroes #1


Back at that same far-off stationary store maybe a week later to pick up whatever we had ordered for Cub Scouting, I came across this beauty, which never showed up at my regular 7-11. I’d seen the ads and so I was primed to read it. But to start with, boy, what an ugly mess … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER HEROES BATTLE SUPER-GORILLAS #1


SUPER-HEROES BATTLE SUPER-GORILLAS #1 Winter, 1976 There was nothing DC as a company liked more than gorillas. Stemming from a sales trend which dated back to the early 1950s, when the editorial team had realized that sales increased whenever a gorilla appeared on a cover (particularly a human-acting gorilla), it seemed that not a month … Continue reading BHOCOS: SUPER-HEROES BATTLE SUPER-GORILLAS #1