Brand Echh – Super Heroes #1

As interest in super heroes became a full-blown fad in the mid-1960s, driven in large part by the premiere of the Batman television series, just about everybody got into the act, trying to capture some portion of that marketplace for themselves. One of the more oddball entries was the Fab 4, who were the headliners in a quartet of mediocre issues of Dell’s unimaginatively named SUPER HEROES.

The Grand Comics Database has no idea who was responsible for the writing on SUPER HEROES #1, but the artwork was signed by Sal Trapani, so presumably he designed the characters as well.

ADDITION: Mark Evanier tells me that Sal Trapani typically had other people ghost his pencils for him, so while this job is signed by Trapani, the real penciled was Bill Fraccio.

It’s almost impossible to believe that Dell had a Hall of Heroes given that their forays into super hero fiction were rare and far-between. Nukla and Toka were about all they had to offer, and I don’t feel as though most would have considered Toka a true super hero

They refused to sell this nut Dr. Luuki U-235, can you imagine?

Whoops! Dr. Luuki has wired his power terminal backwards. Uh-oh!

As origins go, this one is particularly stupid, I have to say.

“He’s a cool operator!”

It’s always regrettable when someone is…programmed for evil!

The androids are so sophisticated that four dopey kids with screwdrivers can repair them.

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