Brand Echh: Dr. Who and the Daleks

By the middle of the 1960s, Dell, once the leader in the field, was battling for market share and audience attention. Their split from Western Publishing had caused them to lose most of their creative staff as well as a number of licenses, and so the quality of their output had seriously dipped. Dell continued … Continue reading Brand Echh: Dr. Who and the Daleks

Brand Echh – Nukla #1

Dell was a powerhouse in the industry from the mid-1940s all the way up to the start of the 1960s when a series of bad decisions cost them their market share and also bifurcated the company into two competing operations, Dell and Gold Key. Their big money was made on their Disney comics, and they … Continue reading Brand Echh – Nukla #1

Brand Echh – Super Heroes #1

As interest in super heroes became a full-blown fad in the mid-1960s, driven in large part by the premiere of the Batman television series, just about everybody got into the act, trying to capture some portion of that marketplace for themselves. One of the more oddball entries was the Fab 4, who were the headliners … Continue reading Brand Echh – Super Heroes #1