Winter, 1976

There was nothing DC as a company liked more than gorillas. Stemming from a sales trend which dated back to the early 1950s, when the editorial team had realized that sales increased whenever a gorilla appeared on a cover (particularly a human-acting gorilla), it seemed that not a month went by without some DC character having to do battle with an anthropomorphic simian. 

SUPER-HEROES BATTLE SUPER-GORILLAS collected three of these tales into a single package. Included were Superman’s duel with King Krypton, with stylish art by Wayne Boring, a Flash tale in which he tackled Super-Gorilla Grodd, and the well-remembered Batman story, “The Gorilla Boss of Gotham City.”

DC had run house ads for this reprint in various titles in its line, so I was awaiting it anxiously (it contained a Flash story, after all.) It never found its way to my local 7-11, but I did run across a copy of it a ways away in a candy story a few towns over.

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