This was another book I got out of a 3-Bag purchased at either a department store or a toy store, most likely the former. And it was Jack Kirby's final issue both writing and illustrating the adventures of the character he'd helped to bring into the world three and a half decades earlier. If I'm … Continue reading BHOC: CAPTAIN AMERICA #214


This was another comic that I got from my school friend Donald Sims, set smack-dab in the midst of Jack Kirby's return to Marvel after a number of years away at DC where he innovated his Fourth World Saga, among other things. Kirby's comeback was well touted by Marvel, but his approach--an approach which had … Continue reading BHOC: CAPTAIN AMERICA #204

5BC: Five More Forgotten Marvel Story Developments

With the sheer number of stories published about some of the characters, it's a wonder that there aren't more stories that feature developments that don't work, don't stick or are simply just plain weird. Here, then, are five more forgotten Marvel story developments. THE FALCON IS REALLY "SNAP" WILSON, LOWLIFE. CAPTAIN AMERICA #186 - There's … Continue reading 5BC: Five More Forgotten Marvel Story Developments


I had a kind of love-hate relationship with the work of Jack Kirby in the 1970s, in particular the work that he dialogued as well as illustrated. I wasn't a fan of it, there was something rough and harsh and uninviting about his characters and stories and the way is people talked. But at the … Continue reading BHOC: CAPTAIN AMERICA #210


In 1978, CAPTAIN AMERICA was a series in a bit of trouble. After Jack Kirby's much-heralded return to the series a few years earlier ran its course, not quite capturing the classic Marvel flavor that was hoped for, a succession of different creators came on to helm the series, often on an almost ad hoc … Continue reading BHOC: CAPTAIN AMERICA #220

BHOC: Power Records: The Fantastic Four

I've mentioned before that, since beginning to follow the adventures of the Fantastic Four, I was very interested in reading the first issue of the series, such was my desire to know more about the history of comics. I had been on the lookout for a copy of ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS for a few … Continue reading BHOC: Power Records: The Fantastic Four


As I wrote about last time, it was getting a pair of Marvel comics that put me off of the brand for several years. One was an issue of THOR, and the other was this issue of CAPTAIN AMERICA. I should mention, for context, that this is the final part of Steve Englehart’s long Watergate/Secret … Continue reading BHOC: CAPTAIN AMERICA #183