The First Book Length Comic Book Story

Not all that long ago, we looked at the first Book-Length story to appear in SUPERMAN, a link to which is posted below. But working on it got me thinking: what was the first Book Length story to appear in comic books at all? The answer is a little bit complicated, and depends on … Continue reading The First Book Length Comic Book Story


ALL- FLASH COMICS #1 Summer, 1941 This is, I believe, the oldest comic book I own–I have a few pulp magazines and such that are older, but no comics. And I paid a grand total of $3.00 for it, which, even in the dilapidated state it’s in, was quite a bargain. ALL-FLASH COMICS–so named because … Continue reading BHOCOS: ALL-FLASH QUARTERLY #1


ALL- FLASH #8 January-February, 1943 ALL-FLASH #8 was the first Golden Age comic I ever purchased. I picked it up in 1990, on my first trip to the San Diego Comic Convention. Ever since reading the Jay Garrick story reprinted in FLASH #DC-22, I’d been a big fan of the work Gardner Fox and E.E. … Continue reading BHOCOS: ALL-FLASH COMICS #8