MARVELMANIA Magazine #1 (#0)

In 1969, when the Merry Marvel Marching Society was phased out in favor of a new Marvel fan club the rights to which were licensed to a fellow named Don Wallace (as talked about in the piece below:)

one of the new club’s endeavors was to put out a regular Marvel-themed fanzine, a subscription to which would be included with club membership. In this way, Wallace could continue to hawk the licensed products that were the backbone of his fiscal operation and maintain the attention of the audience of consumers. Wallace wound up hiring local fans Mark Evanier and Steve Sherman to put the fanzine together (though it certainly appears that Evanier did all of the work on this initial version himself, with Sherman only contributing a solicited letter of comment.) . In all, six issues were published, with two different editions of issue #4 (due to Evanier and Sherman quitting when they discovered Wallace’s shady business practices) and two different editions of #1. This was the first one, considered issue #0 these days. Jack Kirby contributed a new piece of artwork featuring Captain America for its cover.

One thought on “MARVELMANIA Magazine #1 (#0)

  1. Thanks! I always wanted a copy of this! Now I can print one out for my collection! I used to have issue 6, but goodness only knows what happened to it.


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