MARVELMANIA was a short-lived operation set up in 1969 to sell licensed merchandise of the Marvel characters. It was positioned in the books as a spiritual successor to the Merry Marvel Marching Society, Marvel’s in-house fan club, but in fact it was a separate fly-by-night organization entirely, one set up and licensed by Don Wallace. According to Mark Evanier, who worked for Marvelmania for a time, Wallace didn’t really know what he was buying here–he thought that Marvel was the publisher of the Captain Marvel of the 1940s, and he made several erroneous business calculations based on an imprecise understanding of the business and his audience. Eventually, Marvelmania folded around 1971, with Wallace running off with any remaining cash before his creditors could catch up to him. It wasn’t always guaranteed that you would receive the merchandise that you ordered through MARVELMANIA, but they did produce a very nice fanzine and product catalog. This is the first edition of the latter.

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