Great Covers: UNCANNY TALES #48

This is a very simple cover by Russ Heath, but very effective. The duochrome approach of limiting all colors to just red and yellow is arresting to teh eye–that red background is a like a stop sign when placed on a magazine rack among other publications. And the use of stats to have Harry’s figure duplicating and repeating is intriguing and somehow just a hair unsettling, but within the confines of the Comics Code. I have no earthly idea what the story is about, but this cover makes me want to flip the book open and find out. Heath’s work was always top flight, but when combined with a novel color approach such as this one–unbeatable!

All right, I got curious, so I pulled up the issue in question. The story “What Happened To Harry?” doesn’t feature any visuals all that similar to that depicted on the cover. In fact, it’s a slight story, penciled and inked by Pete Morisi. The author remains unknown.

2 thoughts on “Great Covers: UNCANNY TALES #48

  1. I wonder if that multiple-stat/color effect was Heath’s intention, of something they did in the office to jazz it up.

    I can imagine that art being intended to be used straight, with a big word balloon saying “No! No, it can’t be! NOT YOU!!” or something.

    Or, since neither the character’s clothing or the art on that cover seem to suggest a spaceman on another planet, maybe the art was intended for a different story — “The Door I Dare Not Open,” maybe, or something from a different issue, or even just a generic “draw a guy reaction in horror, Russ, and we’ll figure it out what it’s for later” — and Stan just thought this title made a good cover blurb.

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  2. I wonder if they didn’t come up with the title “What Happened To Harry,” and perhaps the cover as well, before they had a story to go with it?


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