Continuing on with comics I bought during my first trip to Bush's Hobbies in Ronkonkoma. I was a huge fan of the Golden Age of Comics and the histories of the assorted characters that I was following--I wanted to know everything, to read everything. In particular, it had been the original Human Torch who provided … Continue reading BHOC: FANTASY MASTERPIECES #7


My brother Ken continued to intermittently read assorted war comics, most of which eventually ended up with me, This issue of WEIRD WAR TALES was the next. In the 1970s, DC had some success with the word WEIRD, cross-breeding their supernatural/mystery titles with other genres--WEIRD WESTERN TALES has given the world Jonah Hex, for example, … Continue reading BHOC: WEIRD WAR TALES #59


The next book I picked up at the 7-1 was the final super hero issue of DC SPECIAL for the time being–with the following release, the book began reprinting Three Musketeers stories and the like, which didn’t interest me. I feel like I’m harping on him and his work, but it’s unavoidable given that he … Continue reading BHOC: DC SPECIAL #21


Pretty sure that I traded my next door neighbor Johnny Rantinella something for this comic, as it guest-starred the Flash, and was one of those great 100-Page Spectaculars that I loved. It’s got a fun Nick Cardy cover as well. The story opens as, inexplicably, Superman is in Clark Kent’s usual place, reading the news … Continue reading BHOC: ACTION COMICS #443


Another 100-Page Spectacular picked up from that regular 7-11. This one wold turn out to be a bit disappointing to me, with a number of back-up features that simply didn’t appeal. But the lead story was pretty good. It’s a team-up between the Man of Steel and his back-up co-feature, Green Arrow. it also includes … Continue reading BHOC: ACTION COMICS #437

Great Covers – G.I. COMBAT #80

A terrific Russ Heath G.I. COMBAT cover taking full advantage of halftones to create a painted look to the artwork. DC production maven Jack Adler experimented with adding greytones to covers throughout the late 1950s and early 1960s, often to excellent effect. The color here is marvelous as well–that fireball couldn’t seem any more hot … Continue reading Great Covers – G.I. COMBAT #80