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Another post from my Marvel blog of long ago in which I answered more questions from the readers.

Been a while since we went to the mailbag (or the replies threads). So let’s see what people are asking:

>I get what you’re saying, I just found that while buying all the Civil War tie ins the suspense of the ASM arc was ruined by some comics that came in the next week. The cliffhanger left at a point where peter could of chickened out. Then the next week Frontline had a picture of peter taking off his mask, that was the part that killed me.

Posted by agent42q on 2006-07-08 02:46:34>

Actually, there were something like three weeks between that AMAZING SPIDER-MAN issue and the issue of FRONT LINE you’re talking about. I understand that not everyone can get to a comic store every week, but in a case like this, there’s your reason right there.

>…still don’t get how House Of M and Spider-Man House Of M tied-in linearly…

Posted by dp_lombardo on 2006-07-08 12:17:37>

SPIDEY HOM all takes place between the end of HOM #1 (with Peter waking up beside Gwen) and HOM #5 where Pete is recruited on the street by Wolverine and the other heroes.

> I was just wondering if issue 8 of The Thing is the end of the run?

Posted by Alkaline21 on 2006-07-09 05:51:24>

Afraid so.

>If you are the Executive Editor of Marvel, I would expect a less defensive attitude about mistakes made on the part of your staff vis a vis continuity betwixt issues of all the Civil War tie ins in this Mega Event.

Posted by songofthesiryn on 2006-07-11 01:07:13>

I don’t think I’m being defensive–I think I’m being realistic. It’s totally unrealistic to assume that there aren’t going to be some snafus somewhere, when every comic book ever put out has some kind of mistake in it. And I’m not going to lie to you about it.

>Avengers EMH2 and Dr. Strange: The Oath
When are these titles coming out. I havn’t seen them in the previews?

Posted by Alkaline21 on 2006-07-07 03:07:56>

DR STRANGE ships in October, AVENGERS EMH2 in November.

>Is that Nico Minoru in the second panel of the Oath preview?

Posted by Michael Heide on 2006-07-07 12:43:42>

No, it’s Arana.

>who doing the art on the dr. strange the oath book.

Posted by bogchi+_+ on 2006-07-08 10:55:57>

Marcos Martin.

Looks very cool. What if we haven’t read the first one? Will we be lost?

Posted by GNR4Life on 2006-07-11 00:07:21>

No, this one’s set several years after the first one, and recaps everything you’ll need to know–such as the fact that there was this group of super heroes who united and formed the Avengers…

>You guys gotta find a way to compete with DC’s 52 which comes out each week.

Posted by Bearpod91 on 2006-07-05 20:21:46>

I don’t know…I wouldn’t want to do a weekly comic just because DC is doing one. There’d need to be a good story reason to do a series this way. We’ve done this sort of thing in the past, with titles such as US WAR MACHINE, but never for a year.

More later.

Tom B

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