Great Covers – MASTER OF KUNG FU #68

As we’ve seen in the past, it’s often the color treatment that can elevate a pedestrian cover into an awesome one. This Mike Zeck MASTER OF KUNG FU cover is all right, nothing special, and maybe even a little bit stiff and posed-looking. But that color approach makes it pop like wild. This scan doesn’t do the brilliance of that green background justice, and the yellow figures just explode against it. The fact that it’s largely duochrome helps with its visual appeal. And in fact, I think that’s the only misstep–that magenta used on the Final Combats type at the bottom. It’s a powerful, vibrant color as well, but here it doesn’t have enough contrast with the green, and kind of lies there. Also, the color is evident nowhere else in the piece, so it strikes a discordant note. Not enough to sink this piece, though.

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