Eventually, after a week's gap caused by my having bought the new comics for that week while at Heroes World earlier, new comics that I did not already own started turning up at 7-11 again. And so, on my weekly Thursday venture, I bought this issue of PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN. It was a … Continue reading BHOC: PETER PARKER, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #22


Ever since the departure of Jack Kirby some months earlier, CAPTAIN AMERICA had been a title that had struggled to maintain its schedule. Between then and here, there'd been unannounced reprints, and emergency back-up stories dropped in when full issues hadn't been completed in time. And now this time, an out-and-out fill-in story. It was … Continue reading BHOC: CAPTAIN AMERICA #224

Great Covers – MASTER OF KUNG FU #68

As we've seen in the past, it's often the color treatment that can elevate a pedestrian cover into an awesome one. This Mike Zeck MASTER OF KUNG FU cover is all right, nothing special, and maybe even a little bit stiff and posed-looking. But that color approach makes it pop like wild. This scan doesn't … Continue reading Great Covers – MASTER OF KUNG FU #68

Great Covers – CAPTAIN AMERICA #332

A similar logo tilt and ground line tilt is employed on this CAPTAIN AMERICA cover by Mike Zeck, for the issue in which the U.S. Government strips Steve Rogers of his costumed persona. It’s a nice design, with the stripes of the flag becoming dripping blood, and Cap’s emotional state communicated by his body language … Continue reading Great Covers – CAPTAIN AMERICA #332

Great Covers – CAPTAIN AMERICA #286

An often-homaged cover, this CAPTAIN AMERICA piece by Mike Zeck combines detail and composition into something of a synthesis of the approaches of Neal Adams and Jim Steranko. Deathlok’s red eye right at the center is focal point, and the diagonal of the gun and hand takes the viewer to the image of Captain America … Continue reading Great Covers – CAPTAIN AMERICA #286

Great Covers – CAPTAIN AMERICA #321

This Mike Zeck CAPTAIN AMERICA cover is all about contrasts and expectations. It’s a pretty shocking image, in that we expect to see Cap brandishing a shield, rather than an automatic weapon, and the look of anger and hatred on Cap’s face is similarly unexpected. How could you not want to crack open the book … Continue reading Great Covers – CAPTAIN AMERICA #321