Great Covers – TEEN TITANS #26

I’m going to keep posting these as I come across covers in my travels that strike me as qualifying for the distinction. This Nick Cardy TEEN TITANS cover is simultaneously of its time and excellent, a prime example of why Cardy became DC’s main super hero cover artist in the early 1970s. That hot purple background is electrifying and grabs your attention–you can feel that this image was produced in the era of psychedelia. Even so, having figures in purple against a purple background shouldn’t work, but here everything is balanced so nicely that it still does. Good use of cover copy and some very nice lettering on it helps to make this a story cover that implores a viewer to crack open the book to see why this is happening and what happens next–a sure way to part kids from their 15 cents. Everything about this one sings.

2 thoughts on “Great Covers – TEEN TITANS #26

  1. LOVE this cover! One of MANY great covers Cardy did for the Titans. In fact, the issue before this— Teen Titans #25, another STRIKING cover with the Justice League disapprovingly surrounding the shamed Titans, all against a solid black background— was the very first issue of the Titans I ever bought off the shelf. Based on #25 and then #26 (with the purple cover) Teen Titans became the first DC Comic I bought on an ongoing basis!


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