Blah Blah Blog – The Day I Was Galactus

A post from my dearly departed Marvel blog from a decade ago talking about a video segment I appeared in attired in a Galactus costume.

The Day I Was Galactus

April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

By now, some of you may have visited your local Best Buy, and purchased the special Silver Surfer statuette-and-digital-comics-DVD that’s available exclusively through them. If so, you’ll have seen a video we shot especially for them, depicting life behind-the-scenes here at Marvel, in which I am dressed as Galactus.

This was not my idea.

It was, in fact, Joe Quesada’s idea. Joe floated the idea tentatively while we were at lunch, and then, a few hours later announced to the assembled group that I’d agreed to do it.

There was no agree.

The Galactus costume itself had been borrowed from WIZARD for this shoot, as had the Doctor Doom attire that’s also in the short. It had clearly been worn many, many times before this–which makes me wonder which of the WIZARD staffers is the one with the Silver Surfer fetish.

A few points about the suit:

1) It has no real shoes. At the bottom of the booties are these sort of slip-in blocks of wood. They’re extremely short, which makes walking or even moving around extremely hazardous.

2) The headpiece is all soft foam, but it’s nevertheless bulky, and completely changes the distribution of weight across your body–so it becomes hazardous to walk or even move around.

3) The little mask-thingie will inevitably shift itself directly into your eyes, no matter how you try to adjust it. And making any sort of delicate adjustments is impossible in the big foam mittens that are part of the suit.

Combined with my natural lack of camera presence and delivery, and it’s a performance for the ages. Fortunately, most of the other folks in the video are pretty good, and the whole thing was expertly edited together from what seemed like mountains of takes by’s new video editor. So it turned out all right, all things considered.

But Bob Harras never asked me to do anything like this. I’m just sayin’.

More later.

Tom B

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